The Charcuterie Board supplies the finest in Traditional British Nibbles
from British Cured Meats to Scrumptious Scotch Eggs.

TCB is the London-based representative of two of the UK’s best
charcuteries, Moons Green and Crown & Queue Meats.
We also seek out and offer the best in Pork Pies, Scotch Eggs
and other nibbles from a variety of producers, exclusively at our retail markets.

For our wholesale customers, we offer a range of artisan fermented,
air-dried, and cooked charcuterie with an emphasis on provenance, consistency, and
quality before quantity.

As a genuine extension of these businesses in the capital, our
customers, be they retail or wholesale, have easy access to great products,
without having to sacrifice a relationship with the producer.

Our background in butchery and charcuterie production,
bespoke product development, restaurant management, and
retail give us a breadth of knowledge to draw on in anticipating
the needs of our customers. These include restaurants, pubs,
groups, specialist food retailers, as well as the public.

Next-day nationwide delivery
30-day credit terms available for account holders
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Crown & Queue Meats is based on the Spa Terminus Estate in Bermondsey, London.

Set up by Adrienne Eiser Treeby in 2014, it boasts a small highly skilled team dedicated to sustainability and traceability, striving to make exceptional cured meats in London, of London.

With their unique range of cured, air-dried, and cooked meats, C&Q is especially focused on the culinary and agricultural heritage of the UK, working with recipes long forgotten or ignored.

Highlights include the medieval Martlemass Air Dried Beef, the classic Black Pepper Cured Belly and the curious Lincoln Imp sausage. One mustn't forget their most recent recipe either: Devil's Mortar! A squidgy, spicy, spreadable Scottish recipe that is second to none.

Moons Green Charcuterie is based in Northiam, on the East Sussex side of the Kent border. The charcuterie was founded by John Doig, a much-travelled Kiwi writer, cook, sometime farmer, commercial film maker and food fanatic who settled in Kent after a lifetime in Asia, New York and France.

With an innovative chef's eye and a focus on exhaustive experimentation, Doig and renowned Portuguese chef Jose Azevedo have built a formidable collection of charcuterie, sourcing local ingredients and the highest welfare and quality pork, lamb and beef found in their neighborhood.

Their core range consists of fermented, air-dried saucisson such as Red Wine & Cobnut Saucisson, Wild Mushroom & Truffle Saucisson; muscle meats like their Air-Dried Pork Buttock; and a high quality bar snack, the Moons Green Beer Stick, is attracting a wide following.