Horse Meat

In a week of highly charged political content being sprayed all over the UK media like it was going out of fashion, we decided it would be a good idea to steer clear of controversy in this blog post.

So we’re going to talk about horse meat.

Or at least we’re going to share a picture about it that we found on the internet.

Apart from a couple of phone calls just after the 2013 scandal enquiring about how much horse salami might cost, and how quickly we could make it, we haven’t been aware of much of a market for cured, air-dried horse meat in the UK. And in the spirit of continued apolitical commentary, we’re not going to share an opinion about it either.

We are, however, endlessly interested in the evolving meat industry, and we like sharing things that we come across. Check out this infographic which was published in National Post, a Canadian newspaper, in March last year.

Horse meat

Horse meat infographic

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