The Meat Market

B8XEGYGIcAEL65d.jpg-largeWhat have we been up to at TCB this winter? We’re getting our retail on, starting up at two Saturday markets this year. Enter the meat market:  pastrami, smoked pork belly and ham by the slice; proper ham sandwiches; crazy spicy ‘nduja and air-dried charcuterie for your larder.

So where can you find us this and every Saturday?

British Charcuterie for sale

The Meat Market: cured beauties for sale

CRYSTAL PALACE FOOD MARKET 10-3, off the CP triangle, running between the Haynes Lane Collectors Market and Antenna Studios’ Cafe Thing. The market is a Crystal Palace Transition Town project, where you’ll find everything I miss from my first inspirational visit to the Berkeley Farmers Market in 1995: raw milk, community grown veg, gluten-free goodies, fish, biodynamic meat, hot lunches and local crafts. Perfect.

WOODGRANGE MARKET 10-4, just outside Forest Gate Station, in front of the brilliant CoffeE7. Besides us, come for tchotchkes; organic and biodynamic fruit and veg; bread; and cheese from The Forest Grater. For those making a day of it, there’s Wanstead Flats for green walks and The Wanstead Tap for craft beer, nosh, live performance, and cinema – check out E7 Magazine for weekly events. Crossrail is coming too, so hurry up and visit before EVERYONE does.

Both markets are volunteer-led and not-for-profit. We love their community driven spirit, the focus on their residents and local businesses, and the clear mark they’re making on their respective communities. Come down and support a micro economy – we hope to see you there soon!

Meat Market Hot Smoked Pork Belly

Native Breeds Hot Smoked Pork Belly 

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